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Trying to make a difference by giving voice to thought provoking authors
Trying to make a difference by giving voice to thought provoking authors






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Dances with Dependency, Out of Poverty through Self-Reliance. (Book one in the series. Limited Hardcover editions are still available) Helin’s `politically incorrect’ message, offers key relevance to any taxpaying American, is causing an uproar and is generating heated debates whenever government, poverty and social issues interact this election year. Helin’s welfare reforms could jump start our economy freeing up billions to afford health-care for all.  Dances cover

What The Press Is Saying………….

The National Post-January 08 “Sugarcoating nothing. While recognizing and acknowledging the historical reasons and complexities behind the numerous social dysfunctions in Canada’s aboriginal communities …Helin says none of that will change until Natives stop pointing the finger of blame at others and start to take responsibility for their own futures. ”

Calgary Sun /2007 “This book is filled with hope and written out of deep love and concern for aboriginal people”.

Toronto Sun /2007, “The book takes the reader on an inspiring 10,000 year canoe journey through the mists of time to an era of indigenous self-reliance where tribal civilizations thrived without welfare, unemployment insurance and government transfer payments.”

U .S. Department of State article, “Helin wants native people to move forward by reclaiming traditional values of autonomy and self-reliance… “.

The Globe and Mail /2007, “What this book says probably should have been said years ago …I think that all our people should read this book. Even though I am now sixty four years old, reading. ”

The Province, “Dances with Dependency, is an important new book…while not glossing over the gloom, it offers a refreshing message of hope–and a strong call to action.”

Michael McCoy, posted, “I was obligated to purchase for a college class. But I learned a lot and hopefully will put it to decent use in the future for reference”.5* starsBrilliant!

Brown Bear, posted, “Brilliant! A must read for everyone, a lot of good common sense, something we seem to be losing. It’s time to take our lives back by bringing back the values and traditions our ancestors used to survive together in harmony not against nature and each other. Humans ‘greatest joy comes from helping others not from constant conquest, domination and greed.”5*Great ideas & interesting read

  1. Serbe posted, “Great ideas and an interesting read. This book is exactly what I had hoped it would be. It provides solid historical facts, straightforward information about the present, and feasible ideas to apply towards the future.”

The Dependency Trap, Breaking Free to Self-Reliance 


Summary: This book offers effective strategies to help erase poverty. It advocates self-reliance, policy reform and cultural awareness. Accountability is required from all; the middle class, the trust fund babies and the underprivileged who see themselves as perpetual victims and have fallen into the entitlement trap. True Blue-prints are offered to rescue people from an economic slump and help them improve their life, and re-obtain a sense of self-worth.


5.0 out of 5 stars for Calvin Helin’s THE ECONOMIC DEPENDENCY TRAP

Top 500 Amazon reviewer, Cyrus Webb, writes, “We all need someone in our lives that will tell us the truth, especially when they see us headed for danger. Calvin Helin is that person for anyone who is not where they want to be in life and want to make changes. Through the book The Economic Dependency Trap, Helin shows us how easy it is for us to dig ourselves into an economic mess and what it takes to not only get out of the trap but make positive strides moving forward.”

5.0 out of 5 stars Could the aid that America offers instill dependency in millions?

The Midwest Book Review posts on February 10, 2011, “Could the aid that America offers instill dependency in millions? The Economic Dependency Trap: Breaking Free to Self-Reliance” is an argument from Calvin Helin, stating that the welfare programs that America offers heavily leads Americans into a false sense of entitlement and leaves them unable to push themselves further and above the limits they put on themselves. Using his own success of coming from nothing to become something, he comes with a very free-market driven argument. “The Economic Dependency Trap” is worth considering for those who want more insight on what may be keeping Americans down.”

Ravencrest Publishing is proud to include the early reader children’s books of Randa Handler namely The Boy Who Spoke To God which fittingly features the Mayan. A young Greek boy, in this folk tale, helps feuding Greek, Mayan, Zulu and Chinese tribes find peace & harmony via his dreams of a perfect God.  Her books are available in all formats. Limited hardcover versions are available of The Boy Who Spoke to God, her fun animal tale, If I Were King, and Cubbie Blue & his Dog Dot, Book one of her much talked series. Paperback versions are available of her bestseller The Thanksgiving Dinner Platter and What’s Up With Mike? ‘Cubbie Blue series’ Book Two. We are proud of Randa’s rave reviews and elated that teachers are finding a way to use her mainstream books in their classrooms. Here’s a few links to ‘lesson plans’ using her books:






Books Summaries of Randa Handler’s books: (for ages 6-9 even though can be read to younger)

Cubbie Blue and His Dog Dot, Book One: Synopsis

Three multiracial seven-year-old boys with difficult backgrounds befriend a special being, Cubbie Blue. Cubbie and his tiny dog Dot have accidently come to their area from an enchanted part of Antarctica. Even though Cubbie is only three inches tall and therefore appears vulnerable, he has supernatural powers; from highly evolved skills in telepathy, to making himself invisible, to even stopping time and the uncanny ability to only see things in a positive light.

Throughout the series, this new friendship leads to important discoveries for both the boys and Cubbie. In addition to being flown over cities in a magical bubble and exploring realms near and far, Cubbie and Dot learn the true meaning of friendship and how to solve small and big problems while feeling protected in their scary new environment. The bond between them proves that sometimes unlikely allies are found among beings who seem to have the greatest differences. In subsequent books, the tiny creatures are irresistible vehicles for conveying subtle messages, about rights and wrongs while at the same time providing entertaining interludes.  Future topics will include but are not limited to abuse, bullying, protecting the environment, and recognizing true friendship.  With the children’s help, Cubbie Blue is scheduled to go home in the series final installment.

Summary, What’s Up With Mike? Cubbie Blue Book 2 

Randa Handler's first installment in the mainstream children;s books Cubbie Blue, teaching a love of diversity with diverse characters
Randa Handler’s first installment in the mainstream children;s books Cubbie Blue, teaching a love of diversity with diverse characters

Derek, Chris, and Brian, three 7-year-old boys, befriend Derek’s new neighbor, Mike, who is blind. Cubbie, a 3-inch-tall special being with supernatural powers, and his dog Dot help the boys learn about Mike’s limitations and needs. This important knowledge allows the boys to properly welcome Mike to the neighborhood. In turn, the boys help Cubbie escape from the evil soldiers trying to capture him, and he is saved thanks to their bravery.

If I Were King, (Congratulations Randa on winning Mom’s Choice Award!) 

Randa Handler's If I were King that uses jungle animals to teach a love of diversity
Randa Handler’s If I were King that uses jungle animals to teach a love of diversity


One rainy day in the jungle, unlikely friends—Zebra, Lion, Leopard, Giraffe, Monkey, Elephant and Chameleon—gather to lament how similar their daily activities are.  Zebra’s imagination and fun-loving nature convinces the other animals to escape their mundane lives by pretending they are king. Playing this game teaches them about their many differences and, more importantly, their own likes and dislikes.  Zebra, upon discovering this information, realizes that it’s okay not to always want to play with other zebras as long as she listens to her inner voice and yields when it warns her of dangers and cautions her to maintain clear boundaries. Immediately she learns that Lion can stop being her friend when he’s angry or hungry.




The Boy Who Spoke to God, (Congratulations Randa! Boy Who Spoke To God keeps hitting top 20 Kindle bestsellers around the holidays!) 

Randa Handler's much talked about, Boy Who Spoke to God, that opens dialogue about all beliefs
Randa Handler’s much talked about, Boy Who Spoke to God, that opens dialogue about all beliefs

Summary: Unable to agree on their ideas about God and religious celebrations, four different ethnic tribes—Greeks, Chinese, Zulus, and Mayans—who live together harmoniously most of the year, combining aspects of each of their cultures to make their kingdom strong and prosperous, suddenly become divisive when religious holidays approach. During such times, they cannot agree on the timing or manner of religious traditions, and they each have their own god who looks and dresses as they do. When Niko, a young Greek boy, has several dreams of God, each tribe interprets the various details of his dreams according to its own view of God, further emphasizing the tribes’ differences in beliefs. Subsequently Niko is shunned for having created even more disharmony and for lying to the tribes, or so they think, as no one believes he dreamed of God. To clear up all the confusion and arrive at the truth, Niko begs God to manifest in one final dream. This time God shows him that the tribes’ beliefs are actually different expressions of the same god. Niko concludes that God is like colorless and formless iridescent light and the beliefs of all tribes about their gods are correct as these gods are like colors of the rainbow that derive from white light.


The Thanksgiving Dinner Platter (Congratulations Randa for Thanksgiving Platter hitting top teens of Kindle bestsellers and super cute for people using its cover as a Thanksgiving card!) 

Randa Handler's popular Thanksgiving book, The Thanksgiving Dinner Platter, that explains why and when it became a national holiday!
Randa Handler’s popular Thanksgiving book, The Thanksgiving Dinner Platter, that explains why and when it became a national holiday!


It’s 1941, and President Franklin D. Roosevelt has just made Thanksgiving a national holiday in the United States. Takari ‘s family is coming from near and far to celebrate together. While helping her mother prepare Thanksgiving dinner eight-year-old Takari breaks a platter that belonged to her Japanese grandmother. The platter had been an important part of her father’s family heritage, used traditionally by Takari’s grandmother to serve chestnut rice on the Japanese day of thanksgiving. Angry, her mother shoos her away, telling her to go visit her best friend, Little Sparrow, whose family is Native American. He is making a special cornbread just like the one served at the first Thanksgiving dinner eaten by the pilgrims and Wampanoag Indians at Plymouth Plantation. In the process, Takari learns about the history of the holiday and that a similar day of gratitude, when people give thanks for their blessings, exists in many countries including in her father’s homeland, Japan.


http://www.bravedaily.com/2015/11/08/thanksgiving-dinner-platter/”>http://www.bravedaily.com/2015/11/08/thanksgiving-dinner-platter/bestselling Randa Handler’s children’s book free 4 teachers

In 2015, Ravencrest Publishing released The Conference of the Birds, by J. Nicholas. “We would like to congratulate J Nicholas on the rave reviews for his children’s book. A modern cute twist on a classic tale. We look forward to more books by him,” shares Trent.


Conference of the Birds (listed under the Cubbie Blue Publishing banner)

By J. Nicholas

J Nicholas' Conference of the Birds a cute twist on a classic
J Nicholas’ Conference of the Birds a cute twist on a classic Illustrated by Randa Handler




Unhappy with who they are, five unlikely friends—a raven, a canary, an owl, a parrot, and a homing pigeon—embark on a treacherous journey, eventually discovering strength in togetherness, the value of their own unique talents, and a new sense of self-worth.

This book is not only delightful, it has an important message” says Top Amazon Reviewer, Israel Drazin, writes about the Conference of the Birds, “This book with charming primitive-type pictures tells about the sky, the magical realm of the birds and the book teaches children about self-worth. Children will enjoy reading the reaction of the birds to this cryptic advice, how they interpreted it, their adventure, and how they solved their feeling that they should change.”

Jessie Marie posts, “Be Yourself! Love it! This is a book that takes you on a journey with different birds. They all wish to be different from what they are. One bird, Naji, had a dream of a place where the king of birds lived. When he woke, he gathered the other birds and told them about this place. Each ready to take the journey to find the place. As they came upon trouble, the birds found themselves being able to help out in different situations. In the end, they found that just being themselves and using their talents is better than being someone else.”

“Definitely a lesson in teaching young ones to just be themselves, not try to be like others. I recommend this for any parent who needs to show your child that it’s okay for them to be different. Or for those teachers that need to teach this to their students.”

5.0 out of 5 stars  “Unique and beautiful” posts Educator Rachel Horon, “The birds learn that about themselves in The Conference of the Birds as will young readers of this book. Each bird from the owl to the canary to the homing pigeon have a trait or a skill that they are not as fond of. It takes a journey to discover how that part of them that seems flawed is actually useful or wonderful. My six-year old enjoyed the vibrant illustration colors and the theme of the story. It allowed us a moment to reflect on our own gifts and the gifts of those in our family.”

5.0 out of 5 stars Delightful story and illustrations shares Top 500 Amazon reviewer, TFL Reader posts, “My young niece and I read stories together quite frequently. I try to incorporate stories into the mix that have a positive message and author J. Nicholas’ “Conference of the Birds” just screamed positivity to me. The story of five very different species of bird who are unhappy for various reasons. The raven, canary, owl, parrot, and homing pigeon come together as friends, share a journey, and all learn some valuable lessons along the way. The idea that we each can contribute something unique in this life is an important one for children to hear often and is related so well in this delightful story. The illustrations throughout are simply amazing and add so much to the tale. Well done.”

Christiane Hitti writes, “What a very exciting story from a talented writer J.Nicholas. Conference of the birds…The story is about many colorful birds with different personalities going on a journey to find themselves, and find answers to their unhappiness… what they finally find is that real happiness is living in a community when they all rely on one another while appreciating each other’s differences.The illustrations are amazingly charming, bright and very appealing to young children. I recommend this book to all parents.”