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Ravencrest Publishing, an imprint of Cubbie Blue Publishing Inc.  



In 2006, Cubbie Blue Publishing created the imprint Ravencrest Publishing to give a voice to thought provoking authors and deliver important works inspired by native wisdom and traditions.

Ravencrest Publishing’s first titles were by CALVIN HELIN, a bestselling multi-award winning author, international speaker, entrepreneur, lawyer, and activist for self-reliance. It’s an unlikely success story, from someone with an impoverished childhood, growing up in a remote Native American village. The son of a hereditary chief, Helin’s first book, Dances with Dependency: Out of Poverty through Self-Reliance, was based on his own experiences, and written to help eradicate the kind of poverty he faced as a child. A seven-time bestseller, Helin’s landmark guide provided a blueprint to help Native American populations break free from “the welfare trap” of government dependence. During his extensive research for Dances with Dependency, Helin learned that the corrosive effects of economic dependency are not limited to the poor, but apply to other social classes, businesses and governments. In his second book, The Economic Dependency Trap: Breaking Free to Self-Reliance, Helin speaks to what he calls “the most deceptive pandemic of the 21st Century.”  He provides a clever plan for transforming economic dependency into healthier outcomes across all echelons of society – from minority groups, to middle class Americans. This book has won the Gold Medal in the IPPY Awards (Self-Help), and was a finalist in the COVR Visionary Awards (General Interest/Self-Help), Next Generation Indie Book Awards.

“We discovered the perfect author to exemplify our mission in Calvin Helin. Drawing lessons of success from his native history; Helin delivers a message of self-reliance as a way out of poverty, undeterred and unafraid of being politically incorrect,” shares Ravencrest’s Julie Trent.  Helin’s father and grandmother, both hereditary Tsimshian Nation Tribal Leaders, sent him as a child on a quest to make a difference in the lives of those less fortunate. That quest along with his advocacy work of self-reliance on behalf of indigenous nations led to a desire to inspire and educate by writing the Dances’ series of books. Trent continues, “We are excited to see that his books are inspiring new generations on a path to happiness and wealth through self-reliance. We also would like to congratulate him on becoming a seventh time best seller and being voted one of the top most influential 2016 businessmen.”


Ravencrest Publishing is proud to include the early reader children’s books of Randa Handler namely The Boy Who Spoke To God which fittingly features the Mayan. A young Greek boy, in this folk tale, helps feuding Greek, Mayan, Zulu and Chinese tribes find peace & harmony via his dreams of a perfect God.  Her books are available in all formats. Limited hardcover versions are available of The Boy Who Spoke to God, her fun animal tale, If I Were King, and Cubbie Blue & his Dog Dot, Book one of her much talked series. Paperback versions are available of her bestseller The Thanksgiving Dinner Platter and What’s Up With Mike? ‘Cubbie Blue series’ Book Two. We are proud of Randa’s rave reviews and elated that teachers are finding a way to use her mainstream books in their classrooms. Here’s a few links to ‘lesson plans’ using her books:





Randa Handler is an international journalist, publicist, and publisher. In 2003, Handler’s publishing company Cubbie Blue Publishing Inc., successfully launched an educational series of children’s books, Claire’s Adventures with Miss America 2000, to benefit Veterans. These books are still used as ‘lesson plans’ by elementary school teachers. Handler is currently dedicated to writing and illustrating children’s books with multiracial characters that instill a tolerance and love of diversity.

In 2015, Ravencrest Publishing released The Conference of the Birds, by J. Nicholas. “We would like to congratulate J Nicholas on the rave reviews for his children’s book. A modern cute twist on a classic tale. We look forward to more books by him,” shares Trent.


Ravencrest Publishing is happy to welcome authors, Isabelle Avadon, Claire April, Beverly Neals, Michael Plaksin and Jason Messinger. For more information on our others visit our Authors page