Calvin Helin

We are so proud of Calvin Helin and his best selling self help books (over 70,000 sold) that map out a way out of poverty and into self-reliance. His books continue to win awards and climb the bestseller lists. In addition to being a bestselling author, international speaker, entrepreneur, and lawyer, he has become an international activist for self-reliance. It’s an unlikely success story, from someone with an impoverished childhood, growing up in a remote Native American village.

calvin-and-his-booksThe son of a hereditary chief, Helin’s first book, Dances with Dependency: Out of Poverty through Self-Reliance, was based on his own experiences, and written to help eradicate the kind of poverty he faced as a child.

A six-time bestseller, Helin’s landmark guide provided a blueprint to help Native American populations break free from “the welfare trap” of government dependence. During his extensive research for Dances with Dependency, Helin learned that the corrosive effects of economic dependency are not limited to the poor, but apply to other social classes, businesses and governments.

Helin is President and CEO of Eagle Group of Companies LLC, President of the Native Investment and Trade Association, and Director of the Vancouver Board of Trade, GeoScience BC, and the Canada-China Resource Development Foundation. He has received numerous national distinctions as an entrepreneur, social activist and community leader.

Helin’s mission of economic independence and personal growth isn’t limited to adults, either: Helin also serves as ambassador of the SOS Children’s Village. A fourth degree black belt, he teaches at the Shudokan Karate and Education Society, a group he founded in 2002 that provides free martial arts lessons to hundreds of disadvantaged inner-city children as a way of teaching them discipline, manners, self-respect, and other important life lessons.

He is a U.S. permanent resident under the special Native American provisions of the Jay Treaty.    Trap cover

Dances with Dependency, Out of Poverty through Self-Reliance. (Book one in the series. Limited Hardcover editions are still available) Helin’s `politically incorrect’ message, offers key relevance to any taxpaying American, is causing an uproar and is generating heated debates whenever government, poverty and social issues interact this election year. Helin’s welfare reforms could jump start our economy freeing up billions to afford health-care for all.  Dances cover

Randa Handler

We are elated when parents rave about Randa Handler’s mainstream children’s books and delighted when we hear that teachers find them useful in the classrooms to teach tolerance and a love of diversity.

Randa Handler has worked at the United Nations and is an international journalist. Her interview with actor Rock Hudson (his last) was published worldwide. In 2003, Handler moved into publishing, with Cubbie Blue Publishing, Inc.,  successfully launching a series of educational children’s books, Claire’s Adventures, with Miss America 2000, Heather French Henry, about the history of the US and important inventions (the plane). They are still being used as ‘lesson plans’ by elementary school teachers. Handler is currently dedicated to writing and illustrating children’s books that encompass multiracial characters to instill, in early readers, a love of diversity. More info and her author pages : and here’s a cute video with prototypes of characters from Cubbie Blue & His Dog Dot

Welcome Isabelle Avadon

A Talented Multi Genre Author Isabelle is working on two novels that we greenlighted. Her vivid unique storytelling style is sure to be a hit. You can connect with Isabelle on Twitter @isabelleAvadon and check her website, Like Claire, her manuscripts are work in progress. But, they will be sure worth the wait!


Isabelle Avadon: A citizen of the world and a graduate of the Sorbonne in Paris, Isabelle is on a mission to instill a love of adventure and discovery in all her books. This multi genre author is sure to surprise and delight readers with her wit and in depth character studies. Slated for a 2018 release, her first two penned novels are: Trapped in Tango and El Marquesa Diaries. Twitter handle:
Trapped In Tango: (2018)Trapped in Tango is the disarmingly touching journey of a self-sabotaging desperate girl who was blamed for the death of her twin brother by her own mother.
El Marquesa Diaries: (2018):In this candid dairy, Marquesa Ramona of Sidonia shares why she left behind her trust funded glamorous life to craft incognito a journalism career and prove her self-worth. In France, she meets, father-figure, married, American journalist, Andre Moore, who, attracts her with his charm and intellect. Is he offering her freedom, independence and self-respect? She throws caution to the wind and impulsively follows him to Los Angeles. Everyone but her seem to see his expert manipulation and abuse. Constant betrayals and disastrous events occur, open her eyes, and catapult into a desperate act that threatens to ruin her life forever. Will she recognize true love or true friendships? Is her heart too broken to see a promise of love?

Welcome Naji Abumrad, MD

naji-and-his-bookProf. Naji N. Abumrad, M.D. Co-founded Metabolic Technologies, Inc. in 1990. (HMB) Prof. Abumrad also serves as Director of Pathfinder Therapeutics, Inc. Dr. Abumrad’s clinical interests cover all aspects of general surgery. His extensive research include insulin resistance in the morbidly obese; he is conducting studies related to understanding the mechanisms involved in the reversal of type 2 diabetes in morbidly obese patients who undergo bariatric surgical procedures. Dr. Abumrad’s professional interests have earned him appointments to serve on many NIH study sections, including Surgery, Anesthesia, Trauma and Metabolism Study Sections. He also served as a member of Secretary Donna Shalala’s Task Force on Breast Cancer. Received a Best Teacher Award (SUNY, Syracuse,) and the Grant W. Liddle Award for Excellence in Teaching at Vanderbilt Medical Center.

Welcome Beverly Neals

beverly-and-her-book2Beverly is working on a novel that is sure to be gripping. Her novel is also work in progress and is inspired by her jetset life as a former Beauty Queen.
Title: I Don’t Believe in Miracles, I Rely On Them (2018)<img
Summary: From travelling the world with the rich and famous, experiencing outlandish adventures, to being offered incredible opportunities, to struggling to survive as a single mother, and dealing with the serious illness of a child; a former Miss Wales shares her gripping life’s story. Her disarming account of a rise through hardships while keeping a ‘having it all’ public persona, and her courageous dance in the rain to craft success and happiness are inspirational.

Beverly Neals: As Miss Wales (1979) Neals travelled throughout the world promoting “beauty with a cause” with Miss England – Caroline Seaward and Miss Scotland – Lorraine Davidson. She was a finalist at Miss Universe in Perth Australia and went on to represent Britain in the Miss Young International pageant in the Philippines where she was placed in the top five. She moved to Los Angeles in 1981 and had a successful modelling and TV career. She lives in England, is happily married with two children.

Welcome Authors Michael Plaksin & Jasson Messinger

michael-and-his-bookMichael Plaksin: A Sales and Marketing Senior Executive with diversified experience in P&L management, business development, new product launches, market identification, and general management within the Mobile, Memory, Computer Technology and Consumer Products sectors. Recognized for building solid internal / external business relationships and ability to influence cross-functional teams through education, coaching, and motivational management. Plaksin has always been a fan of radio and remembers writing an essay about it as a youngster. He gives back any chance he gets and is President of a newly formed foundation
Jason Messinger
While managing a Fine Arts gallery in northeastern Pennsylvania, he attended Parson’s
School of Design in NYC, and operated a small firm for over 25 years, with an emphasis on residential interior design/remodeling. His interests have focused on melding traditional aesthetics with renewable and sustainable product and process and sharing his knowledge whenever possible.
Title: The Man Who Invented Radio and the One Who Got the Credit (2018)
Written by: Michael Plaksin & Jason Messinger
Summary: Michael Plaksin and Jason Messinger discuss in this educational book, how the major invention of the radio was credited to the wrong inventor. Their attempt to set the record straight is bound to raise a few eyebrows and possibly correct a few historical misconceptions. After all, would we have cellphones without radio?

Welcome Author J Nicholas

& his charming Conference of the Birds
Conference of the Birds (listed under the Cubbie Blue Publishing banner)
nicholas-and-bookBy J. Nicholas, illustrated by Randa Handler.

Summary: Unhappy with who they are, five unlikely friends—a raven, a canary, an owl, a parrot, and a homing pigeon—embark on a treacherous journey, eventually discovering strength in togetherness, the value of their own unique talents, and a new sense of self-worth. Top Amazon reviewer, Israel Drazin, says, “This book with charming primitive-type pictures tells about the sky, the magical realm of the birds and teaches children about self-worth. This book is not only delightful it has an important lesson.” nicholas/


Claire is working on a memoir about her struggles in Manhattan in a busy fortune 500 corporate environment and we will update site when her book is close to release. Please check back.

“WOMEN ARE STILL PAID LESS THAN MEN FOR DOING THE SAME JOBS, and there will be a couple of chapters about that in my book,” shares Claire.
We will post updates here when any of our authors’ books are close to release. Please check back.
Letters From Manhattan is work in progress! letters-tumbnail

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Heather French Henry holding one of her children’s books


Heather French Henry

Heather French Henry, Miss America 2000

Heather French Henry, crowned Miss America 2000, became a national advocate out of love for her father, a disabled Vietnam veteran. The mother of two daughters and a devoted wife, she is executive director of the Heather French Foundation for Veterans, Inc., (KY) She has received many awards, including the Purple Heart Recognition Award and her lobbying efforts, helped influence the Homeless Veterans Assistance Act of 2001. Henry children’s book series, Claire’s Adventures, even though out of print, is still being used in many elementary schools. Published under the Cubbie Blue Publishing, Inc., banner, Henry’s books include: Pepper’s Purple Heart (about Veterans Day), Claire’s Magic Shoes, Flying Away (about the invention of the plane),  What Freedom Means To Me (about Flag Day), and Life, Liberty, and The Pursuit of Jellybeans (about the 4th of July).




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